How to Stay In-Tune with God

Updated: Oct 17

If you clicked on this post you might be wondering how you can step up your relationship with Jesus, how to balance your personal, professional, and spiritual lives, how to maintain consistency in faith, or maybe you're curious about religion in general. Whatever the reason, here's a quick list to help you put God at the heart of every day.

  1. Mentally Commit. First things first, if you're looking to further your relationship with Jesus then you have to commit. Sounds simple enough but I'm sure we can all agree it's easier said than done. So before you do anything, take some time to think about your life at this very moment. Consider what you spend the majority of your time doing on a day-to-day basis. Do you make time to communicate with God regularly? Or is your time spent scrolling social media? Review the areas of your relationship where you excel and those where you fall short. Perhaps you're great at asking God for guidance, but begin to worry soon after something goes wrong. Mental commitment is key to building a stable connection with Christ; allow for confidence in the decisions you make and stick to the convictions you set for yourself. After all, having the right mentality will naturally lead to a stronger bond with God long-term.

  2. Daily Devotions. I find this to be one of the most important aspects of my life. Seriously, it's huge. There's nothing better than starting and ending your day with God. He sets the tone for our moods, and without consulting Him first thing, it can leave you feeling empty and unsatisfied. Taking time out of our busy schedule to rest in God's presence is essential — I cannot stress that enough. The time you spend reading scripture and listening to sermons doesn't have to be long, or it can be, it's entirely up to you! Just make sure to prioritize your time spent with God above all else. So before you watch that morning news, eat that massive breakfast, have that cup of coffee, whip out your Jesus Calling, and get a fresh start.

  3. Practice Gratitude. God is a master of provision and the creator of life. Oftentimes we forget that there's so much to be thankful for. No, I'm not only talking about materialistic things like our phones, clothes, cars, etc. Think smaller. Thank God for the beauty all around us; the birds, trees, sunshine. Practice gratitude for the things we cannot see, yet are blessed with every day. Thank the Lord for the life you've been given, your health, your family, your senses. Relish the thought that you are here, living, reading this post. In actively thanking Christ for all that He has given us, you will find negative thoughts and feelings begin to dispel. It makes the Lord delighted to know we are appreciative, and us, in turn, happy to give Him praise.

  4. Place God at the Center of Every Decision. Career? Trust God. Finances? Trust God. Marriage? Trust God. So often we place our faith in God for major decisions like these, but what about the smaller decisions we don't realize we should be asking God for help with? This week try trusting God with everything you can think of. When you're struggling to find words to say in a conversation, send a prayer to God. When you're somewhere and feel anxious, pray that you can rest in His presence. When you can't decide between a friend's birthday and a church group, pray to God for guidance. There should be no picking and choosing when it comes to when we ask God for help. Discover how to rely on Him in every facet of life, every season of success and hardship, every decision big or small.

  5. Glorify the Lord with Words. In a society of transformative language, it can be hard to avoid negative connotations, misconceptions, and cursing. From the actual words we use to the things we say and the intentions behind them, we should always try and honor the Lord. Ever find yourself reading the bible one day and feeling guilty the next? Maybe you took the Lord's name in vain, casually agreed to something that goes against the values you strongly uphold, mindlessly sang along to an explicit song. At the time, little occurrences like these can seem insignificant, but they may leave you feeling sinful long-term. If this is a major barrier in your relationship with Christ, pray about it, make small improvements, consult with family or friends, find someone to keep you accountable to the words you speak.

  6. Glorify the Lord with Actions. The same principle applies here. What we do is vitally important because it shows others who we are and what we stand for. As Christians, it's up to us to mirror the word of God and showcase His love to the world. Preaching on one thing and doing another is hypocritical, and although we all make mistakes, it's up to each and every one of us to keep ourselves accountable to our actions. Ultimately, to build a better relationship with the Lord you must choose to do things and involve yourself in activities that honor Him.

  7. Surround Yourself with the Right People. This one's a bit tricky to explain because while on one hand we should treat our neighbors just as Jesus did, there comes a fine line between loving others and limiting toxic social interactions. If there's one thing I've learned it's that it all comes down to prioritization. Love all people as Jesus loves you, but ensure that you're prioritizing those who truly matter. Give your time and effort to those who have your best interests at heart. Those who give the Lord first priority in their lives. People who lift you up and influence you in a positive way. Remember that you can love those who scorn you, help those who envy you, pray for those who hurt you, but if anyone keeps you from glorifying God then it's probably time to limit the amount of time you spend with those people.

  8. Make Wise Decisions. This will vary for each person. We all know what works for us and what doesn't — what temps us, what drives us, what discourages productivity. To be wise in faith is to place yourselves in positions to make decisions that will honor God. So if you know listening to rap leads you away from His word, change the station. If you struggle with pornography set limits and find someone to hold you accountable for your screen time. If you're a die-hard workaholic, set timers and stick to them! Ultimately you decide what kind of choices you make, but try to make ones that will set you up for success!

At the end of the day I’m not trying to tell you how your life should or shouldn’t be lived. But believe it or not, I sincerely care about you and want to see you be the best you can be. May all of you reading this have a great rest of the week!

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